Brand Mission
To produce the best quality Automatic Electric Guns with realistic recoil feeling

Bolt Airsoft (Taiwan) is a new brand company in Automatic Electric Gun industry; we provide AEGs with powerful recoil movement able to used low voltage batteries.
Bolt Airsoft’s goal is to design AEGs close to a real gun to satisfy survival/milsim game players as well as military collectors.
Powerful recoil movement and quality of material used are the keys to maintain
our goal on track.

B.R.S.S. is a revolutionary design with International Patents Registered

With Tomy Lee’s knowledge, the development team at Bolt Airsoft has created a powerful recoil system called B.R.S.S - Bolt Recoil Shock System. B.R.S.S is a revolutionary patern, which usesof an outstanding design using kinetic energy produced by the piston'smovement, transfered to a Recoil weight in stock tube and subsequently generates a recoil simulation.
Such a new design has been gone through lots of various tests and finally led to B.R.S.S. birth !

Gear Box
Version 2
Spur Gear
95 m/s Powder Metallurgy
120 m/s Steel Stamping
Sector Gear
95 m/s Powder Metallurgy
120 m/s Steel Stamping
Bevel Gear
Powder Metallurgy
High Torque Motor

B.R.S.S. HEAVY is newly recoil system which has stronger recoil ability than B.R.S.S.!

B.R.S.S. Heavy is a new design for fixed stock models, for example: M16A4.
B.R.S.S. Heavy reacts with longer fixed stock tube and longer recoil hammer which brings more powerful recoil feelings to physical contact, and also currently the strongest recoil system of BOLT products.  

Powerful Recoil Movement
B.R.S.S technology generates strong recoil power by triggering B4A1.The strong power can even stamp a nail into a wooden table. The feeling of stock punching back each shot is a real pleasure for owner who enjoys a "kick" similar to firing a real M4A1.
Low Energy Consumption
B.R.S.S technology provides great power recoil action even while by using Low Voltage batteries. Its unique design makes this AEG last much longer, with an outstanding reliability.
High Durability
B.R.S.S Gear are made of firm and strong materials, which makes B4A1’s gear more stronger to capable with strong recoil shock, which adds extension period of AEG’s life.
High Compatibility
B.R.S.S Gearbox system offers a high compatibility with other brands’gearbox parts. Over 90% of B.R.S.S parts are compatible with those available on the market.
This advantage grants players with lower costs and bigger choice on repairs, upgrades, modifications and customizations.

Patents Pending in the following countries
Japan, USA, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and EU


Bolt Airsoft B4A1 Carbine


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