Strongest B.R.S.S.



Built Material         :  Steel, Aluminum/ABS, Zinc, Bakelite, Wood.

Shooting Modes   :  Semi, Full-Auto

Magazine Capacity   :  130rnd / 600rnd

Length   :  500mm / 735mm (Stock Unfold)

Weight   :  3200g

Hop-up   :  Adjustable

Blow-back   :  Yes

Recoil shock   :  B.R.S.S. Recoil

Power   :  95m/s(312fps) or 120m/s(394fps)

Power Source   :  11.1V15C(Li-Po)

Color   :  Black


BOLT’s new AKSU74 has the strongest recoil simulation system in the world, the original 4.2cm blowback length gives the realistic feeling only AK can give.

AKSU74 re-enacts AK intrepid look and crafting skills. MIL-SIM players will love these crafting methods:

Steel stamping body, real multilayer hand guard, bakelite grip, steel side rail.
In addition, BOLT uses brand new internal design to improve past imperfections in AEG productions.