KNIGHT's Armament Airsoft



Built Material   :  Aluminum/ABS, Nylon & Glass Fiber and Steel

Shooting Modes   :  Semi, Full-Auto

Magazine Capacity   :  600rnd

Length   : 900mm-985mm

Weight   :  3100g

Hop-up   :  Adjustable

Blow-back   :  Yes

Recoil shock   : B.R.S.S system

Power   : 95m/s(312fps) and 120m/s(393fps)

Power Source   : 7.4V22C(Li-Po) or 11.1V15C(Li-Po) or 9.6V(Ni-mh or Ni-Cd)

Color   : Black  / Tan


SR-47 is a modern assault rifle based on the AR-15 family of rifles created by Knight’s Armament Company. Due to some reasons it’s been stop manufacturing. And SR-47 still a popular replica, please refer to the review, SR47 in Cat Shit one animation. With BOLT’s B.R.S.S system, SR-47 has now come reality in Airsoft. Features with RAS tactical rail with solid body, supports AK high cap magazines, reality long movable distance blowback, and new design Hop-Up with drum rotating adjustments, and also great BB bullet’s loading function. Those features are to make SR-47 a BOLT’s unique product.