Sport Light Model (B.R.S.S.)



Built Material   :  Aluminum/ABS, Nylon & Glass Fiber and Steel

Shooting Modes   :  Semi, Full-Auto

Magazine Capacity   :  120rnd / 200rnd 

Length   : 350mm

Weight   :  2000g

Hop-up   :  Adjustable

Blow-back   :  Yes

Recoil shock   : B.R.S.S. Recoil ON / OFF

Power   : 95m/s(312fps) and 105m/s(345fps)

Power Source   : 7.4V22C(Li-Po) or 9.6V(Ni-mh or Ni-Cd)

Color   : Black 


SWAT K is the latest and shortest of BOLT SWAT series, a compact version to cram Bolt Recoil Shock System and provide a surprising recoil impulse when shooting.The new designed foregrip also provides hollow space for battery and has a guard to avoid the support hand getting in front of the muzzle.